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Rickson Engineering Ltd. is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of high quality Low Voltage Switchboards, Motor Control Centres, Motor Control Panels, Capacitor Banks, MCCB Boards, MCB Boards, Consumer Units, Plug-in Boxes, Supervisory Panels and etc.

Rickson is also a maintenance contractor to provide routine maintenence to many low voltage switchboards installed in public & private housing estates, hospitals, hotels, universities, secondary & primary schools, colleges, government buildings, commercial buildings and shopping centres. Moreover, Rickson can provide services to repair, replace, refurbish and alter any kinds of low voltage swithchboards and cubicles to suit the clients' needs.

As a sales agent, Rickson represents a number of well known brands which include Terasaki switchgears, Easun Reyrolle protection relays, Powtran frequency Inverters, S&W battery chargers, Frako power factor correction equipment, Accuenergy multifunction power meters, Elmex feed through & test terminals, Mikro protection & control relays, K-Line NiMH batteries & hour-run meters, DPI current transformers, and more....

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Terasaki Products
includes switchgears such as ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCB, ELCBs, ATS, and more...

Easun Reyrolle Products
includes IDMT relays for overcurrent and earth fault protection.

Accuenergy Products
includes digital multifunction power meters with web base accessible features.

S & W Products
includes 24V & 30V dc battery chargers for low voltage switchboard tripping and back up supply.

Powtran Products
includes frequency inverters, VSDs, soft starters and EMI filters.

Elmex Products
includes Din type power terminals, test terminals, end stops, comb links and other accessories.

Mikro Products
includes digital overcurrent & earth fault protection relays, earth leakage relays, core balance C.T.s and undervoltage relays.

K-Line Products
includes 24V & 30V NiMH batteries, power capacitors, harmonic filters for VSDs, Close Transition Resistors and hour-run meters.

Elko Products
includes modular electronic devices such as monitoring relays, timers, power & aux. relays, thermostats, hygrostats, etc.